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Computational, generative art

Jared Tarbell is an artist and programmer who does gorgeous computational art, coded in the Processing language. And not only are the finished pieces amazing (and available for purchase), but you can also “run” the art, see it grown in a pop-up applet.

Generative Artifacts – Computation Gallery [Thanks, Patti!] – Link

16 thoughts on “Computational, generative art

  1. Substrate (the first picture in this post) is available in Xscreensaver on the various operating systems that can use it.

  2. I’ve also implemented an optimized and more user-configurable version of the Substrate effect (first picture) as an open source Mac OS X screensaver, available here (top of the page):

    Apart from computational optimizations, this version also allows some different-looking effects to be achieved, for example a darker look or one with curved lines only.

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