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From Whence It Came – laser etched lunch meat

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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Mleak writes –

These are my testers for a project I’m working on using processed lunch meats etched with a laser cutter. Ultimately, I would like to show the entire process from animal to ambiguous pink slice of meat over the course of a package of lunch meat, beginning here with bologna. This neat packaged disc of food has always seemed so far removed from its source.

From Whence It Came – laser etched lunch meat – Link.

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8 thoughts on “From Whence It Came – laser etched lunch meat

  1. Haven’t we already covered the entire universe of laser-etching-is-cool-type projects?

    I’ve seen people laser etch toast, meat, lunchmeat, matzos (sp?), fingernails, ipods, laptops, etc…. It’s just NOT NOVEL anymore.

  2. @nickjohnson – lunch meat was new, this might be the last one unless someone thinks of something new, if so you’ll see it here first.

    a gadget blog covers the latest in cell phones and cameras, we cover other things– like things people put under hight powered lasers.

  3. i’m glad they’re etching pictures of animals on lunch meats. it’ll remind everyone that the meat they’re about to eat isn’t just from some formed block, but from a live animal. i think a lot of ppl are disconnected, or just are just in denial, from this fact. especially children.

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