Ping Pong Ball-istics

From the MAKE Flickr pool.
Kamakaze Physics posted these pics of an aluminum can being being punctured by a ping pong ball at “near sonic speed”. –Link

There’s also some great video by the NIT Physics Lab from some of their other shooting experiments:

Backyard Ballistics book @ The Maker Store –Link

8 thoughts on “Ping Pong Ball-istics

  1. Ummmm… on the NIT video, are those *people* that are standing and walking downrange in the danger zone??? This is extremely irresponsible.

  2. There is a guy peeking his head out from behind a tree looking at the 700Khp tennis ball test shot.

    Does he REALLY think he’s quick enough to get out of the way if that thing is deflected toward him?

    My shirtsleeve math says that 700Kph is better than 600fps and he’s less than 100 feet away.

    He won’t even have time to realize he’s about to get hit in the 1/6th of a second before that thing smashes into him.

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