This would be a fun project to make while camping, since it requires very few tools, and you most likely will have a can of your favorite beverage already packed for the trip! The only addition items, that a typical camper might not have packed, would be the piece of sand paper and some popcorn kernels.

10 thoughts on “DIY $1 Popcorn Machine

  1. Aluminum cans have a thin lining of plastic. That’s what keeps the soda from corroding the can. Unfortunately, this plastic liner can burn, releasing potentially toxic plastic decomposition products into your popcorn.

  2. Getting rid of that plastic liner shouldn’t be hard. Cook the can alone first… rinse… allow to dry… then use.

    Kind of neat, but unless I feel like popcorn cooked over a candle… I’m going to use jiffy pop on my camping trips.

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