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Is this really the world’s smallest personal helicopter? Your guess is as good as ours, still it looks like a pretty cool way to avoid the morning rush if you don’t mind burning a hole in your scalp. Watch the video!

A Personal Helicopter Can Lift You Up – [via], Link

28 thoughts on “Personal helicopter lifts you above the rest

  1. Not only the world’s smallest helicopter, but arguably one of the simplest powered aircraft of any kind. I don’t think I’d like to fly it any higher than that pilot did, though.

  2. Why is he an –hole? For making a kick-ass personal helicopter? I’m sure he understands the risks and its not like he’s holding a gun to your head to fly it. How about congratulating the man for his ingenuity and stop being a such a safety-crat crybaby. Sheesh.

  3. This is awesome, any more details on it?

    And uh, you could kill yourself getting out of the shower…it’s time to come out of your bubble.

  4. If this is legit, it’s awesome.

    Making an informed decision to risk your own life does not make you an asshole. I’m sure everyone involved in this video and everyone within a hundred yards was well aware of the risks.

  5. That is one giant step ahead of anything we’ve seen so far – beats those personal jet packs by a mile.

    The ingredients of an ultra-light craft simplified.

    But in the end this thing still requires massive ground clearance of surroundings, personally owned and cleared landing areas.

    Would it be possible to create a shield around the rotors to cover their maximum extension? Would it be possible to retain the pitch and yaw control with that shield?

    This kinda puts the spotlight on the mythbusters attempt with a dual rotor mock up with a small engine – over complicated beyond belief.

    I gotta say it again, that’s one amazing machine.

  6. This guy better watch out or he could become a candidate for the Dawin Awards. Haha.

    I’d like to see that thing go higher than 8 feet off the ground.

    Does anyone know its projected range? How much fuel can it hold?

  7. aubz, you don’t know what you’re talking about. ground effect ends at about one rotor diameter. he’s out of ground effect on the ground.

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