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Darth Vader hot air balloon makes you feel the force


This Darth Vader helmet-shaped hot air balloon towers 86 feet high, is 69 feet wide and 78 feet deep. That’s a pretty hefty and intimidating size head of one of the most notorious sci-fi villains around. The next step would be to build a giant Death Star balloon for this to dock into.

Darth Vader Balloon – Link, Video

6 thoughts on “Darth Vader hot air balloon makes you feel the force

  1. l0l f1rst
    sry. couldn’t resist. that’s sweet! how can i get myself one of those? it would be great if it shot fire out of its eyes…

  2. Hehehehe. I think they should make a Bender one this size that shoots flames out of its eyes as it repeats “Remember Me.”

    I know … too much, but the first comment made me think of it.

  3. two words: awe some.

    just to see that thing cruising along, with the burner going “whoooooooosh”…man that would be cool. You could have all your peeps in a van on the ground following it, with Lord Vader’s March pumping through the stereo.

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