Ryan Culy designed a single-handed, combination Wiimote and Nunchuck (motechuck?), making Nunchuck-enabled Wii games accessible to a friend who is missing a hand. It’s a solid concept and a nice looking custom acrylic execution. Benheck named this one his Hack Pick of the Wii-k:

The basic idea is that you strap the nunchuck to one arm and press the analog stick against your leg to use it. The C and Z buttons are ported out and attached to the side of the main Wii-mote, thus making it the main controller but with nunchuck support. I picked this project because it has a good purpose and I’ve had lots of requests for something similar, and unfortunately haven’t gotten around to doing it myself. So this proves it can be done, way to go Ryan!

Wii Controller for Single-Handed Use – [via] Link