TV-B-Gone clone

From the MAKE Flickr pool

Member Tinkerlog made this slimmed-down version of the TV-B-Gone device. This design would definitely make subtle usage much easier. –Link

TV-B-Gone Clones on Tinkerlog –Link

TV-B-Gone gun
TV-B-Gone Gun –Link

From The Maker Store:
TV-B-Gone Kit
TV-B-Gone Kit –Link

10 thoughts on “TV-B-Gone clone

  1. @BdgBill – it’s up to each person to use a device responsibly – many people buy these to learn about IR, soldering, etc. i also know an arcade owner that uses these to turn off tvs all over his place at once (instead of using multiple remotes).

  2. It’s cool exactly because of the opposite of what Bill said.
    It doesn’t facilitate being an ass, but neutralising the affects of aholes who think its awesome to fill the world – particularly social spaces or others that would benefit from less ambient noise (like trains) with noisy, flickering and distracting televisions that no-one really wants to watch, only being there to chow up power and make conversation and concentration more difficult.

    So if they’re bothering you, and no-one else seems to be watching them either (the case with most of the TVs on my local commuter train), you can turn them off easily without causing a fuss trying to get up close and personal to them (unfortunately i found that the sound systems on the train are wired in seperately, so the noise continued).

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