Ping pong ball LED diffuser


With so many new, specialized and intricate devices at a maker’s disposal, it’s always awesome to discover new uses for materials that have been here all along –

Turns out that a Ping Pong ball makes a reasonable LED diffuser. Just drill a hole and insert the LED. Easy micro Locnar! With an RBG LED this could make a nice system indicator. Maybe build a strip of these indicators to make several status indicators. Each server gets a mini orb to show it’s online status, maybe each email account. How about a ball of balls, each with an RGB LED…

Woah, easy there – one glowin’ ball concept at a time! Hmm . . . but how bout violet LEDs to make an interactive bunch of grapes – or maybe eyes that light up when . . . –Link

Ping Pong Lights
Ping pong lights –Link