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Light-Field camera makes blurry images a thing of the past


This Light-Field Camera by Adobe captures multiple angles and perspectives through its “fly-eye” lens thus finally producing blurry-free pictures. Check out the details at the link below.

Adobe Light-Field Camera – [via], Link

14 thoughts on “Light-Field camera makes blurry images a thing of the past

  1. Well, that would be even more interresting if they could show us the resulting shots…
    and the multiple shot combination is not so new: most of the HDR is based on this…

    I’m waiting to see the result before screaming genius…

  2. The idea of integral imaging isn’t particularly new – the clever thing here is the software scene interpolation that allows you to massively reduce the number of lenses and CCDs required.

  3. The real revolution is the fact you can selectively change focus after the fact. Still I doubt these will ever hit a quality level on par with finer optics.

  4. This could lead to cameras which are cheaper, faster, thinner, and more reliable. This would let you remove all the auto-focus mechanisms from cameras (range finders and lens motors). It would be faster to take pictures because you wouldn’t need to first detect the range and then focus the lens. The camera would have fewer moving parts (if any) and so would be more reliable and probably thinner. This would also be good for movie cameras because it would give editors more options for selecting their desired foci during post-production.

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