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Create a custom bookcase for your books


The “Book and Shelf” is a bookcase project that fits specific books into custom measured compartments, giving its owner the feeling of having a tailored piece of furniture for their specific collection. Pretty cool idea that gets rid of the need for book ends forever.

Nendo works book & shelf – Link

8 thoughts on “Create a custom bookcase for your books

  1. Any makers should make sure they get acid-free cardboard. Regular cardboard releases acid as the pulp degrades and the closed nature of this holder puts the book at risk.

  2. There were a couple things I was wondering.

    Number one was whether they were acid-free, as mentioned above.

    Number two is how smooth the surface that the book is resting on (the bottom of the book when it’s normally placed on the shelf) is. Are you going to damage the book (jacket, maybe) when it’s being removed?

    Personally, I can’t imagine wasting that much space on a shelf for non-book materials. But, I do think it looks kind of neat.

  3. The total lack of flexibility and what amounts to a bunch waste packaging makes my brain hurt. It’s like mummifying your books.

  4. So what does this do for those of us who need three or four digits to count our books? An instructable about how to make standard bookshelves would be more useful. What do I do if I buy a book that fits alphabetically between two of the books in one of these things? I can’t add a new book to my collection without remaking these things.

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