PacmanJames from RetroBlast writes “I am submitting three items all featured at RetroBlast in one way or another and all having to do with custom-built arcade cabinets. The three represent the best to the worst in arcade cabinet building.” James outlines the good, bad and ugly of making your own arcade cabinets – regardless of how these turned out, there are lot of things to learn from the approach many of the Makers took. I actually like some of the “ugly ones”…The Good:
“The Mameys,” as linked in the beginning of this
news item, The Mameys represent the best in custom arcade cabinet building. Direct Link.

Machinemed (150 X 252)

The Bad (but getting better):
A recent article by one of our readers who modified the Midway Arcade game sold at Target over the holidays. I reviewed this item here and was not very kind, but this resourceful reader has applied some modifications that really improve the unit. Direct Link.

Clip Image001

The Ugly:
“CrapMAME” – This site takes a look at (by one person’s opinion) the worst of the custom arcade cabinets. Opinions vary though and at least one game, the driving cabinet with six rotating panels, was also a recipient of a Mamey. Direct Link.


Hope one or more of these are of interest to you and your readers. I love the site and magazine by the way and we check your blog daily.