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Dsc06001Tn-1Here’s my quick review of the iPod nano along with some photos of accessories that work and do not work. The iPod nano has replaced the iPod shuffle for audio listening, it’s tiny, screen is great, it’s all the things I liked about the iPod photo, but in an impossibly small form factor. While it doesn’t run podzilla (yet) and it doesn’t have the little accessory port to control and power things like fm transmitters, remotes, etc…it’s a great little device. So for now, my 2g podzilla running iPod and the nano are in my bag and the old photo iPod when I need to offload stuff from a camera. Here are some photos…Dsc05987-1
Camera connector, doesn’t work.

You can’t charge/share with a shuffle.

Belkin photo adaptor, no worky.

These Macally speakers work fine, as expected.


Most of the chargers still seem to work.

Can’t share/charge via photo connector as expected.

iPod photo, nano, shuffle.

iPod timeline.

Pound of pods.

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  1. Not sure if you meant your shuffle or not, but in general the Nano has replaced the Mini, not the shuffle.

    Great ‘zine, site, podcast!!

  2. lame review because you don’t mention whether (and how) it is possible to record audio with iPod nano! could you augment this review with information about recording?

  3. i thought it was pretty clear that you couldn’t record- but, you can’t record on the ipod nano, at least you can’t at this time that i know of.

  4. OK, pt, but it is not clear for everybody. Anyway: me thinks that not offering recording in such product is a shame…

  5. I couldn’t resist, I already ordered my new ipod nano, and can’t wait to put my hands on it, now I need to order something else, looking for something to help manage all my digital music files, considering the following, the symphony by http://www.olive.us , and also the sonos by http://www.sonos.com, or maybe someone could recommend something else? but at a similar price range?

  6. Nice review and historical context of the nano! It’s interesting to note that the nano enters the market at about the same price-per-gigabyte price point as the original iPod, making the nano much more attractive on this metric than the shuffle (at today’s prices).

  7. Can nano use Macally iPod FM Transmitter ? I heard this is a good transmitter for ipod, dont know if nano is capable of running this hardware…

  8. I have a question? Can I download songs onto an ipod nano using the software from an ipod mini? If so how? Please help!

  9. wow, those are a bevy of iPod. i’m an iPod nano fan coz they’re really “nano” and easy to stash with everything else (even my super tight/skinny pants can get ahold of that ingenious piece).

    i even start on accessorising my nano, i always keep myself updated with the latest iPod accessory trends from PodZone.

    hey you should grab the pink edition, albeit it’s pricier than the quaint black and white ones. :)

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  11. U kNoW wHaT dIs ReViEw SuCkEd! It DiDnT hElP mE aT aLl! If u could please give me sum good info fo my science project!

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