MAKE:DIYcast- our new audio/podcast experiment!

makeaud.jpgThe MAKE:DIYcast audio program, like the magazine, is loaded with exciting projects, hacks, science and news that help you make the most of your technology. Right click or Control + click to download the MP3 to you local system or add the MAKE Audio feed to your podcasting application and get the show automatically! This is our first experiment with our MAKE:DIYcast, let us know what you think. In this show- Woody Norris wins the “Nobel prize” of invention, using the iPod Shuffle without iTunes, camera phone panoramas, hacking for GIs, answered some reader email/IMs, Bill Nye is back, Macromedia and Adobe merge, getting around the XP Admin password and everything that’ll be in issue 02 of MAKE! Show notes after the jump…

Hosted by: Phillip Torrone, Associate Editor MAKE Magazine.
Show details: 30 minutes, 26MB, MP3 (should we push out an OGG one too?).

Links and more from the show:

Maker: Sound-beam inventor takes the prize!

Portable audio: iPod shuffle Database Builder, no iTunes needed.

Camera Project:
Camera phone panoramas.

Hardware: Hacking cell phones for GIs.

Reader email: Cellphone question- Apps on your WindowsMobile Phone?
fusd.rss, iPodderSP, wmIRC, SmartTelnet.

Science: Predator is the prey.

Science: Eyes of Nye.

Tools: Wow…Macromedia and Adobe!

Reader IM: Getting around the Windows XP admin password.

MAGAZINE: Issue 02 will be out soon, subscribe now! Listen to show for what’s coming up.

If you’d like your tech questions answered “live” send us an email, AIM/iChat, send audio via email or call and leave a message- 206-888-MAKE (6253).

MAKE:DIY made on an iMac G5 with GarageBand and Audacity. Here’s a photo taken from the “ceiling camera” during recording!

38 thoughts on “MAKE:DIYcast- our new audio/podcast experiment!

  1. hey zeno, the podcast applications will just “see” the audio programs, let me know if it doesn’t work (i tested on ipodder and about 4-5 others).


  2. Great show PT. We have all been awaiting your return to Podcasting!! Please keep doing these on a regular basis. KThanx.

  3. Very Cool!!!!!. I am so excited and have been looking forward to this. I can not wait to hear the first show. Keep on doin’ what your doin’.

  4. Good to see you are back into the Podcasting arena Phillip, Was really looking forward to this, my dial up is chugging away at it now, will this been a weekly/fourtnightly/monthly thing?

  5. Good show – I enjoyed it quite a bit. I was hoping for a little more than an optimistic “Wow” about the Adobe purchase of Macromedia. Yes, there are “implications” that are positive, but also potentially negative. Did I miss the monopoly discussion? What about the Adobe/Macromedia employees sweating with insecurity right now?

  6. Hey Phil, Really great to have you back on a gadget podcast. Missed hearing you on my ipod for last Three and a half month. Was worried you were going to lose your bet on podcasting being a short lived fad. Im Working on shortening a usb2 – firewire type I Cardbus into a Cardbus type III card that is flush with side of laptop. Will document would it be good for a makezine article ?

  7. >>Im Working on shortening a usb2 – firewire type I Cardbus into a Cardbus type III card that is flush with side of laptop. Will document would it be good for a makezine article ?

    that sounds great! feel free to email me pt at oreilly dot com and we’ll chat!


  8. Hey phil, thanks very much for your answer, yes the feed is ok with specific podcast-applications, but not using what I believe is the best solution to listent to podcasts on Mac OS X: NetNewsWire 2.0 (the latest beta include cool “per-feed podcast” settings): if I add that feed to NNW, I get all the blog ‘textual’ posts + ‘podcast’ posts mixed together…it would be nice to have a separate feed for the podcasts only…let us know! and keep up the great work!!!

  9. Interesting program Phil, though you seem too way to steeped in a Microsoft-Apple axis when clearly FOSS is DIY at its core.

    I’ve nevered owned or been interested in digital cameras until you mentioned being able to get a good one for $30. How good is good? It’d be great if you or anyone else could give me some pointers to cheap but quality beginner cameras.

  10. I am very happy to hear you are back into podcasting. You are one of my favorite podcasters, and I learn alot from every one of your shows. One drawback is that you make me want to go spend money on gagdets, something I shouldnt do on my slim budget.

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