Nothing says I love you like radiation

dsc04231.jpgI saw a post on BoingBoing last week about getting your sweety Uranium Ore for Valentine’s day and well, I couldn’t resist. I “think” she liked it, perhaps she was just being kind. The sample measured in at 27,112 CPM according to the included certificate from United Nuclear. For the third issue of Make I’m writing up a “War Driving” type guide for constructing a wearable GM Geiger Counter from BlackCat systems, so I’ll be able to verify this soon. I’ll also be testing the radiation levels on a plane where the cosmic rays are usually present at high altitudes. Here are some pictures of the Uranium Ore…





8 thoughts on “Nothing says I love you like radiation

  1. Danger Will Robinson, I didn’t know it was legal to possess Uranium! Yikes! Get rid of it quick or you will grow a third arm.

  2. Pretty cool, and not that hot, but I’d keep it in the plastic, and not play with it every day. Uranium ore is just a rock – not illegal – it’s just a rock. The Coleman “old” lantern mantles would set a GM tube to zinging, as will a lot of pottery and fancy dinner plates. The Americium in most smoke detectors is hotter, and well protected from accidental ingestion, but proper disposal is recommended. Our US “science” in schools is kinda third-world when it comes to radioactive mat’l – “Bad Juju!!! Run and Hide! Bad Juju!!!” With a bit of education, you learn not to burn your hand on the stove.

  3. Unbelievable! I knew you could buy Plutonium on ebay, but Uranium is supposed to be a lot harder to come by. Even if it is in rock form.

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