Beer pouring robot

Not only is this robot beautiful, it dispenses beer. Most of the parts were salvaged or purchased from McMaster-Carr. It’s remote controlled, and allows the operator to speak to the person being served. Do you think the bot checks ID’s? – Link

4 thoughts on “Beer pouring robot

  1. Now this is an appropriate use of technology! Bravo!

    It should be worth noting that McMaster doesn’t always have the best price on raw stock. It’s always worth checking suppliers like MSC or Enco for better deals, or different material grades. Sometimes McMaster is the go-to one-stop shop, but not always.

  2. Andrew Sullivan links: “I had ex-boyfriend who would love one of these.”

    Looking at the machine, I hope that means he just had an old boyfriend who was lazy and liked to drink beer… and drink it from a cup at that.

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