Someone in Atlanta created what appears to be a homemade Dalek to help deal with streetcorner criminal activity:

Rufus Terrill has had it with the drug dealers, petty thieves and vandals he says roam the streets outside his downtown Atlanta bar, O’Terrills. Instead of calling the police or hiring private security guards, Terrill built his own security robot.

Watching the video leaves me with a bit of an uncomfortable vigilante aftertaste, which is a little strange since I can sympathize with the difficulties living in an area like this. It’s just not realistic to head down the street at night and ask people to leave.

All that aside, it’s just an imposing looking tele-operated vehicle with a squirt gun and a speaker. The reality is that it’s probably in more danger of being tipped over sideways than hurting anyone.

The real hack here is that (for better or worse) someone’s invented a home-brew, tele-operated psychology counter-weapon. By removing the immediate threat of violence, the driver is able to communicate in a hostile environment. If you made the thing look like Ronald McDonald and had it sing the theme song to Barney instead of squirting water, the robot would probably be even more effective.

Robot keeps Midtown block safe – [via] Link, Video