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Tactile puzzle cube
tactile puzzle cube1.jpg
tactile puzzle cube.jpg

Interesting shots of this touch-oriented Rubik’s cube-alike from Flickr member Danny(aka hoakyman). Unfortunately there’s no description on the photo. A Rubik’s for the visually impaired, perhaps? – Link

It turns out this was constructed for use by the blind. It was built @ MIT’s Fab Lab and apparently the maker is an avid cuber – completing this one blind in around 5 minutes. Thanks go to commentors Alec and Tea for the info!

“I made a Rubik’s Cube for blind people” on Lemmingtrail – Link

Boston Fab Lab @ MIT – Link



Touch based Rubik cube – Link

HOW TO – Magnetic Rubik’s dice cube – Link

8 thoughts on “Tactile puzzle cube

  1. Danny used the Boston Fab Lab [1] to laser cut those pieces and double-sided taped them to a Rubik’s cube. He’s fantastically good at the Rubik’s cube, and wanted to learn to fly it blind (apparently, he’s already done it blind in ~5 minutes).

    [1] –

  2. Hi! It’s me. As Alec said, I used the laser cutter at Fab Lab to make those pieces. They’re my prototype pieces just so I could get a feel for what shapes feel like under my fingers. Ideally I’d like to eventually make molds for the pieces and cast them in plastic, just to get really clean and smooth lines.

    I made the cube for myself, really, to play with with my eyes closed but would really like to get it into the hands of some blind people so they can tell me what they like and don’t like about it.

    Also, I added some flickr descriptions. Sorry about that!

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