Should you find yourself lost on the snowy ridges of the not-so-distant future – reader Martijn points out

O’Neill introduces the NavJack, a ski jacket which has an integrated LED display for navigation. It also has an audio unit in your hood through which you will be given instructions about which direction you should go.

So a jacket with GPS, audio playback, and an LED matrix display. Inevitable, I suppose. Though I hope there’s a power switch for that display, as it may come off a bit ‘flashy’ in urban environments. – Link

But not nearly as much as some other designs . . .


Faux fur LED coat – Link

14 thoughts on “LED Navigation Jacket

  1. I must say that almost any business that has decided to go into the LED products direction has always done well. How can anyone lose out when it comes to LED’s? They work very well and use next to nothing for energy. As far as this jacket goes, what a really cool idea! I wonder if it has been used before or if it’s brand new to the marketplace.

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