Simple night-light timer

What do you do about a night-light that has to stay on while your child falls asleep, and you don’t want to have to go in and turn it off every night? Buy a timer? No, that’s not fun.

The solution: teach her something! So we repurposed an old broken desk lamp carcass, I taught her how to solder, programmed a 12f629 PIC and we combined the above with sufficiently many white LEDs and some recycled laptop Li-Ion cells into an auto-off bed light: Press the button when off, and you get 18 min of light. Press the button when the light is on, and the light goes off. Simple, neat, efficient. As a bonus the lamp body is black, Just Like It Should Be.

Simple night-light timer – Link

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  1. Now I want to combine this with the surplus stoplight now on That’s a nightlight to remember!

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