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Here are the first round of winners from the comment avatar contest, all you needed to do is add a user pic to your profile on MAKE when you register to comment – what did they win? A Pocket Ref! Winners, I’ll send you emails shortly!

If you posted and didn’t win, don’t worry – I’m going to do more of these contests and I’ll also give out “random acts of Pocket Refs” as people comment more (and have user pics) on any post — so participate and get Ref’ed!

28 thoughts on “Comment avatars! (Winners!)

  1. I want a pocket reference!

    I traced over a picture of my dog in Inkscape for this pic. He’s much cuter in person, though.

  2. I guess missed this contest altogether. Mine is a self-portrait silhouette taken at sunset on Antelope Island, Utah (with the contrast cranked up just a tad).

  3. I was supposed to get a pocket ref for

    I later got a t-shirt for that tip getting into the magazine, but I’m still waiting on that pocket ref.

    Perhaps my avatar will get me one?

    – It is a self-photo of my eye when I awoke one day to find that I had conjunctivitis (pink eye). I just enhanced it just a little in PS to remove a reflection and enhance color.

    I usually use an animated gif, but MT converts all the uploads into PNGs.

  4. Mine is just a picture from my iSight via photo booth. Nothing special there.

    It’s the system behind that picture that’s the neat bit; an old educational eMac G4, rescued from certain death in a dumpster, overclocked to 1.3GHz from 800MHz and added RAM, hacked a DVD burner from a smoked PC to it after modifying the tray a little, and I use it as my primary PC because it only pulls 170W max, built-in CRT included, as opposed to my PC that had a 500W power supply for the tower alone, plus the 19″ CRT that I was using.

    So we’ve got the reduce/reuse/recycle thing, hardware hacking (overclocking required disassembling the whole thing and de/resoldering surface mount stuff), AND it uses less power.

  5. What’s better than a universal constant?

    (BTW, I couldn’t tell if your OpenID implementation could grab the email address so I made a regular account).

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