Pocket jet engine

“Is that a jet engine in your pocket, or…” Oh, nevermind.

The accidental pocket jet engine…

10 thoughts on “Pocket jet engine

  1. Ummm, this isn’t really a jet engine. Unless I am missing something this is just the nozzle part of a jet lighter burning inside a metal tube. It’s just a burner. The definition of a jet engine is fairly broad but I would say without any compression of the air going into the engine this wouldn’t count? Perhaps the tube is amplifying the noise somewhat so it sounds more jet like (note for the future – if making a video of something you want to be able to hear turn off the music in the background)!

  2. This is total bs. This is just gas burning in a metal tube. It produces 0 thrust. And making a Bunsen Burner with a lighter? lol! Do you know how much gas a BB bruns per second? The lighter is empty in 30 seconds.

  3. i made a quick version of this and i found it dificult to light (suck back) but once you get it working there is someting very jet like about it. the exuast could melt solder very easily ay 4 inches horizontal- the metal tube gets unbeleivibly hot- if you can run it for 30 sec it can vapourise water for 3-4 seconds running under a cold tap which is musch longer than a soldiring ion deos. very hot indeed

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