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Here is another great project from Linus Ã…kesson. This time it is some really cool 80’s type “chiptunes” based on another AVR micro-controller.

Normally, when you create a chiptune, you start with an existing chip (such as the SID chip or the YM2149) and write a tune for it. We decided to start from scratch, and create a chip and a tune.

More about the Chiptune


More about “Craft” 80’s computer audio & video

4 thoughts on “Chiptune

  1. Jayenkai says:

    Aww.. I was half expecting the credits to scroll along the screen in an old-school sine-wave styleee!!

    Great stuff.

  2. marx marvelous says:

    Having designed and programmed computer music systems from scratch Back In The Day, this is a seriously impressive little project. I tip my hat to Mr. Ã…kesson.

    Jeri Ellsworth, creator of the C64 in a joystick, is speaking at Notacon this year on making demos with FPGAs. I really hope next year’s Notacon/Blockparty includes an FPGA category…

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