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This is definitely not a beginner project, but the results are fantastic. I would love to see a half-dozen of these photo-frames displaying all sorts of information. Learn more about how to use a cheap digital photo-frame as a second display.

10 thoughts on “Use a digital photo-frame as a second display

  1. I’ve always thought those little photo keychains were pretty useless, but if I could use them to display information from my computer, that would be pretty awesome.

    I’m imagining having the Info pane from Photoshop on this separate tiny screen, so that I can work on a photo in full screen mode without anything in the way and still see the details of the tool I’m using.

    Something tells me that if I wait for a few months, someone will figure out an easy way to make this happen with digital photo frame and a firmware replacement.

  2. the way he goes about hackin this unit is genius and thorough… but wouldnt it be easier to just interface with the LCD directly? or was the point of this not to spend more money on other hardware?

  3. Sure, but you’re removing all of the good stuff. Why mess with a nice cheap premade package if you don’t have to?

    Then theres the buying new parts, soldering circuit to LCD, writing new code to interface with the lcd, etc.

    Although I guess if you wanted a cheap graphical LCD for a project, it wouldn’t be a bad source. As long as you know the controller + pinout, or can figure them out.

    More info + pics on his wiki:

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