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Michael sent in his “LeaveMeAloneBox” that is inspired from an article written by Claude Shannon.

As I understand it, he, along with Marvin Minsky came up with an idea they called the “Ultimate Machine”. Basically a plain box with a switch on the top. When you flip the switch, a hand comes out of the box and flips the switch off. Thats it.

More about the LeaveMeAloneBox

12 thoughts on “The LeaveMeAloneBox

  1. This is awesome! I could play this thing for ever lmao. What would be awesome is if he put a “that was easy” or “leave me alone” voice clip on it!

    Things like this always amuse me…

  2. I kind of remember that too….for some reason I want to say it was a toy tied in with the Adams Family?


    Audio would be a nice addition.

  3. @kingannoy

    Good find! I remember it being black & red….but I guess I was wrong about the whole Adams Family thing.

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