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Wind-Powered WiFi repeater

These students came up with a great solution for expanding their wireless network. Apparently there wasn’t any power source available for the network repeater, so they build a wind turbine. These should be on every rooftop, in every city.

Dan built the charging circuit himself. Essentially the windmill recharges two 12V batteries and the circuit exists to make sure it does not over charge them. The wireless AP/repeater (not in the picture) is connected to the battery terminals. We “waterproofed” it using plumber’s putty, the plastic tuperware box, and that metal box that Dan got off ebay).

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12 thoughts on “Wind-Powered WiFi repeater

  1. Why in cities where cheap power is readily available? Do we really need more SLA batteries out there unnecessarily?

  2. Because cheap power is also inefficient and harmful to the enviornment, as opposed to these wind turbines.

    However, I wold like to point out that most people do not set up wind turbines on their roofs because the vibrations from the turbine get transfered into the home where they can keep people up at night.

  3. If you want more information regarding the project please visit my website at:

    The repeater is meant to be installed in areas where electricity and basic infrastructure is not present such as in Africa. The WIFI link can only go around 5 miles with LOS, but I could also use low power 900Mhz radios and go 30 miles LOS at slower speeds.

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