Breadboards, now in full color

Color Breadboards

Bland breadboards bringing the boredom? Now you can spice up that prototype – This shop is stocking mini-breadboards in five different colors – Mini Solderless Breadboard [Thanks, Will!]

(Perhaps some of you have seen these before, it’s a first for me.)

8 thoughts on “Breadboards, now in full color

  1. I have to admit, they are very attractive looking.

    I was kinda hoping for multiple colors on the board, but they are definitely nicer than the usual crappy color.

  2. These may be colorful, but remember not to use them as fashion accessories unless you enjoy a SWAT takedown.

  3. The colors are nice, but I would like some more technical colors like bada55 or something. Most important is the quality of the contacts though. If they aren’t good the color is meaningless. Did anybody try thes?

  4. true the contacts are the sticking point.

    I’ve had so many frustrating experiences with breadboards that I actually prefer perfboarding protos instead.

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