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Passively Multiplayer Online Game @ Maker Faire

Pmog Titlescreen

The Passively Multiplayer Online Game, which has been in a closed beta since February, is launching an interactive tutorial for new users to coincide with the game’s appearance at Maker Faire.

Members of the team, including game designer Merci Victoria Grace, will be hosting a PMOG salon where they plan to play board games and give away presents. The team will be dressed as characters from the steampunk-themed world. –

12 thoughts on “Passively Multiplayer Online Game @ Maker Faire

  1. I think it’s cool. I think its been around too long and there are too many people involved for it to be something like that.

    now you got me worried though. something like that could easily happen.

    anyways, I have been playing it for a couple months now and never heard anything like that about it. I would hope some of the white hat hackers (who are all much smarter than me) would have caught onto it by now.

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