I wasn’t able to make it to last years DEFCON hacker/security conference, and DEFCON 16 isn’t until later this summer. As you can imagine, I’ve been a little impatient for a good ol’ info-security paranoia fix. Thankfully, it looks like a ton of videos from past conferences have been posted to the DEFCON site. This might be pretty interesting to even the die-hards in the crowd who religiously attend. Having been to a couple of these, it’s pretty hard (read: impossible) to get into all the sessions you would like to hit.

The more recent content is encoded as mp4’s. Unfortunately, you’ll need Real Player to view much of the older content. It’s better than nothing, though.

It also looks like there have been a number of sessions from DEFCON 15 encoded and uploaded to Google Video. I’ve included a link to a list of these below as well.

Defcon Media Archives: 1993 – Present
Links to DefCon 15 Session and Panel Videos on Google Video

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  1. You’re just rediscovering one of the old poor-struggling-photographer tricks from 30 years ago. They actually made mount adapters for your SLR to turn the lens around and mount it by the filter threads, and had adapters to mount filters to the lens base also. In a pinch, you could do it manually and light-seal it with black tape, but that’s a desperation move. I still use my old Minolta XD-11 by the way.