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Sean writes in with a lug nut pill case for gearheads!

This is a pill case made from a lug nut, a matching threaded bolt, and an o-ring. In the prototype shown, the lug nut is chromed and the bolt is stainless steel. Stainless steel lug nuts are available, however, and those that I manufacture in the future will feature all-stainless construction, which makes the case itself waterproof. The o-ring seal makes it watertight and, when compressed, applies tension against the threads to prevent the bolt vibrating loose. As no stainless steel bolts are available in the required large diameter and short length, a 3/4″ bolt has to be cut down to about 3/8″ to make the cap. A hacksaw is best for this operation as high-speed cutoff wheels tend to mar the threads. This is the only significant labor involved. After cutting, the thread is cleared by running through a 1/2×20 die, and all parts are cleaned ultrasonically and oven-dried. I’ll make one of these and ship it to you for $10.

8 thoughts on “Lug nut pill case for gearheads

  1. Thanks for the heads-up about the galling phenomenon. Never knew such a thing was possible with stainless steel. To avoid it, think I’m going to stick to chromed lug nuts with stainless bolts, as pictured.

  2. In response to buyer requests, I’ve added a version that includes a D-ring mounted through the bolt-head for attachment to a keychain, etc. See the original link for details. Cheers!

  3. Once you hear the word nuts, you might picture people in straight jackets with disheveled looks. But in your car, this term is usually connected to a car part that holds and secures other components, making them capable of performing their functions—just like the lug nut found on the wheels.

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