Touch contact board from Bugbrand

Bugbrand Noiser
Bugbrand Noiser Pcb

Bugbrand is running a workshop on building the above seen touch-contact instrument – a good-to-go self contained kit built on CMOS logic –

3 oscillators – two of which can be sync’d to Osc1 resulting in very rich harmonic drone sounds.
Each osc has a switch for hi or lo pitch. The Oscs are all running at audio-rates (rather than the sub-audio clicks of the PostcardWeevil)
Mixer and comparator to bring together the Oscs and give a stable output level even when starved. The starve also has two settings – stable and unstable.
CMOS overdrive with tone contol and drive setting.
13 touch points!
10 dials!
7 switches (well, 6 if you discount the on/off switch)
1/4″ jack output and/or onboard mini-amp.

Results? Power drones and chaoscillations. Touchy-screamy!

Woah, that must be the next step after ‘touch-sensitive’ – BUGBRANDBLOG

What’s that you say? – you don’t live anywhere near Berlin or Lisbon? Fret not. Tom Bugs’ has vowed to share his design plans for the PCB shortly. No word on possible kits as of yet.