“Some guy who’s never met Mike” wrote in to tell us about Mike’s Flying Bike, a completely unconventional flight-sim interface created from a bicycle, a Sun SPOT sensor/microcontroller, and Google Earth.

So, you pedal this stationary bike to pick up speed and take off. Then you manipulate various hand levers and the handlebars to affect the elevator, aileron and rudder controls. It’s never been so fun to fly around the Earth. In your living room. On a bike.

Mike’s Flying Bike for Google Earth

3 thoughts on “Flying bike for Google Earth

  1. this is a nice solution but makes three assumptions that may invalidate it for many applications. first you must be able to carry the additional weight of a servo for each gauge + the circuitry to control them. secondly it assumes your camera is going to be mounted in a location that would allow an “instrument panel” to be mounted ahead of it, and that the depth of field for the camera would allow proper focus at infinity and the panel at the same time.

    i also believe that the AMA discourages dropping “things” from model aircraft.

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