Josh sent us this proposed remake – an LED lamp that simulates the ambient effects of a television left on. Billed as security device to ward off thieves, there’s just something about it that leaves me scratching my head. True, it would use less electricity than a television left running for the length of your vacation – suppose I’d just like a peak inside that old-school-imac-looking enclosure. but at ~$50, that investigation probably won’t happen. – FakeTV makes it look like the biggest couch potato ever is home

6 thoughts on “FakeTV flickering LED device

  1. I figure for someone like my friend, who’s family has a vacation home in VT that they get to once a month, this would work better than their barking-dog alarm. Looks like a fun project to remake.

  2. Could it be that maybe burglars will just wait until they think u are asleep in order to steal your ‘plasma TV’?
    I understand the light pattern repeats every 15 seconds.. a burglar that just waits a while will recognize this and thus know there is no oneat home.
    I have added movement to my burglar deterrent (after watching Home Alone), by a cardboard figure that moves randomly with a servo. The randomness is determined by a computer random function, combined with the day of week and the number of the month.
    I also have added an RC cart with a figure on it that rides around a specific number of times per hour, on my 2nd floor. Added a dogbark and an actuator pounding a door when the bell is rung, to simulate a dog jumping against a door

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