Hand-Car Regatta art-machine expo

Hand-Car Regatta

Spring sends notice about an interesting upcoming event in the works –

This is an amazing, first year event scheduled for downtown Santa Rosa, Ca.
The Hand-Car Regatta blends art and science into one gigantic experience of moving parts, sounds and people. The Hand-Car Regatta supports art as an experience by taking art out of the gallery, into a public space and incorporating science, math and human ingenuity. The Hand-Car Regatta offers up an easily accessible, all-inclusive, creative experience for both
sides of the brain. This free, all day event includes live music, public art, kinetic sculpture and local food and drink.
The Hand-Car Regatta takes place on the railroad tracks and around Depot Park on Wilson Street between Third and Fifth streets in Santa Rosa’s historic West End neighborhood and Railroad Square. September 28, 2008.

Come enter the race by building some kind of human powered, railbound, kinetic contraption!
We are currently seeking sponsors, local vendors and crafters/makers as well as street performers, buskers and weirdos of all sorts.
Deadline for sponsorship is June 15 (so we can get your logos on all of our printed materials).

Sounds like a good time for maker-kind – Handcar Regatta