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Building a Hang Glider Camera Mount

This was originally used for a hang glider, but I am sure it would work in other situations. Why not use it on a down-tube of a bicycle, or attached a DIY dolly?

The design requirements are pretty basic. The mounts needs to be light weight and robust to withstand my less than perfect landings (I’m still a Hang-1 at this time). It must be easily and quickly attachable/detachable without special tools – has to be done in the field after all. It needs to be adjustable so the camera can be setup to point in any direction.

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2 thoughts on “Building a Hang Glider Camera Mount

  1. Good idea, but it looks like the mass of the camera on a long arm like that would magnify any road vibration and would wobble badly in any application where it wasn’t hanging down — you need at least one (preferably two) more attachment points for stability.

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