Our web team (Tatia) added some great tweaks to the MAKE RSS feed – you can now click on through to read more articles in same category as the post as well as Digging the story if you’re a Digg user. We’re doing more and more updates on the site lately, so please check the feed out and stay tuned for more! – (RSS/XML / Google reader / others…)

12 thoughts on “MAKE RSS feed updates

  1. Any chance this will eliminate the “articles shows up a dozen times” issue (for example I’ve seen the sparkfun electronics article several times with no discernable difference between them)?

  2. @bbot – what are you referring to? none of the authors really promote any of their own projects (but if they do, i would be ok with that, we’re all makers).

  3. So the “new” feeds (on my yahoo!) are now about a day and a half behind what’s shown on the Make: blog
    As of this writing, 6/6/08 10:15 am CDT, the newest stories are “Styrobots for School” and “Old multimeter case reborn for synthing.” There’s like 1-1/2 or 2 pages of newer entries on the Make: blog than what shows in the RSS feed I’m getting.

  4. now that I think about it, we’re having some kind of DNS issue here at work, so it’s probably just that… Dontcha just love the Internet?

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