Via Suicide Bots comes this amazing mechanical walker with this caption:

Giant mechanical spiders take away some of the hurt in the world.

Yes. Yes they do.

MoltenSteelMan: Walking Beast [via]

12 thoughts on “Giant spider bot walker

  1. Ok, was I the only one who saw the cutie-pie steal the show while she traipsed acrosss the screen as the lumbering bot looked like it would kill the ground?

  2. But no, I totally missed the burning man nude chick the first time I watched this. I was so into the robot. Heh

  3. that spider sucked. cool concept though.
    who was that one European designer who made a ton of walking things, one that was wind powered and another that was powered with rubber bands?

  4. @bartax, that is Theo Jansen.

    I went to Burning Man a couple of years ago and had to take each picture twice because of naked bicyclists zooming through the frame.

  5. @Jenny
    Well, I missed the “nude” (she actually has a thong on) woman the first time, too ’cause I was focused on the walker. Um… that’s so NOT like me!

  6. That one’s not as impressive to me as one of the other videos in the same set. The next video in line shows a smaller but much more practical and articulated spider walker. It’s piloted like a motorcycle, and the legs move in sequence, not just in sets (outer legs then inner legs). It’s actually a fairly practical vehicle.

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