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Ghetto drive gives new meaning to homebrew

This “Ghetto Drive” was built by taking the innards of an Iomega external USB2/Firewire drive and implanting them into an ordinary cardboard box. The drive was built because the fan broke in the original enclosure and like a true maker, this one decided not to shell out the cash for a new one.

The Ghetto Drive

6 thoughts on “Ghetto drive gives new meaning to homebrew

  1. Me says:

    How is this even worth posting?

  2. BigD145 says:

    This is a very weak Make.

  3. max says:

    exept from being noisy, ugly and bulky
    cooling a hardrive, according to google labs, could even make it more likely to fail.

    I would rather get one of these SATA-docks or usb-ide converters and travel around with the bare HDs the only thing you have to do is to sufficiently protect the circuit-board.

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