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The Midibox SID V2

Can you believe the Midibox SID V2 started out as a Commodore 64? I have seen a few mods of the old c64, but this one is really nice. Check out the site for links to make your own Midibox.

The venerable Commodore 64 is well known among the electronic music community as a synthesizer modder’s dream machine thanks to its robust SID audio chipset. But most of the mods I’ve seen end up looking just like an old C64 and all the cool stuff is going on under the hood. So when I came across this mod, all those glowy knobs and buttons got me really excited.

Via – TechnabobMidibox SID V2

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  1. website’s down temporarily, should be back up in a couple weeks once i get service again – sorry for the delay and thanks for checking out my midibox!

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