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Art image from 4000+ glass vials

 Images 2008-07 Aleksandra-Stratimirovic-Sunny-Day

Stockholm artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic formed the above image from many small containers upon a grid-like shelf –

“Sunny day” is an installation made of 4464 small medical glass vials filled with different coloured liquids, in a sterile laboratory framework with a fluorescent backlight. When taking a couple of steps back the vivid image of a girl appears, standing at a lakeside, with summery blue sky above. Dimensions 2 x 3 meters.

Aleksandra Stratimirovic “Sunny Day” [via Neatorama]

8 thoughts on “Art image from 4000+ glass vials

  1. He’s a she.
    She’s from Serbia living i Sweden and if I’m not mistaking it’s a “shelf”-portrait

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