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Inflatable car solves the energy crisis

This artistic recreation of a Porsche Carrera is completely inflatable and runs from natural “air” gas. To drive it, you simply unplug the cork, and sit on the thing, and inch forward as the escaping air propels you down the street.

via TechEBlog

12 thoughts on “Inflatable car solves the energy crisis

  1. Not to burst their bubble (pun intended), but this would be extremely inefficient when you consider the energy needed to put the air in the car (human or machine energy) and the energy to lift the person onto it to squeezed the air out.

    And yes, I know what they’re trying to show. But if you want a social commentary on energy issues, at least keep some respect for the physical laws involved.

  2. this car is a work of art and has NOTHING to do with inflatable.
    the artists name is erwin wurm and the titel of the object is „Fat Convertible“, 2005

  3. Erwin Wurm is an Australian artist who makes “fat things” as a commentary on western life. He’s made other cars in this style, as well as other objects, including a house. I believe this car’s chubby body is actually made of styrofoam and polyurethane.

  4. So why does the summary talk about “powering” it by squeezing out the air?

    This could be a great “artistic” area for commentary about inflation (financial) affecting these products. But I guess the artist couldn’t think of that. Look for his new exhibit a few days after he reads this.

  5. @me- yep. he is AUSTRIAN, not austrailian.

    @The Oracle- I think the summary is fantasy.

    Googling ‘fat convertible’ got me this:

    “Erwin Wurm, Fat Convertible, 2005, styrofoam, polyester, car”

    as AKADriver stated above.

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