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String can public phone will soon replace your cellphone

This “String Can Public Phone” was seen on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan. This simple idea of repurposing and reclaiming obsolete technologies is something that we are seeing pop up more and moe in urban centers where the standard public pay phone is quickly becoming a thing of the past as cellphones take over.

via Neatorama

6 thoughts on “String can public phone will soon replace your cellphone

  1. This whole getting-rid-of-payphones thing bothers me. I understand that “everyone” has a cell phone, but what happens if your cell phone goes dead?

  2. I agree, Shadyman, it’s nice to know payphones are there if you need them. Unfortunately, as usage drops it just doesn’t make financial sense to keep them running. There must be some resolution for the situation, but I can’t think of it.

    Maybe as cell phones get cheaper we’ll just have vending machines where you can pick one up for $5 with a couple of minutes talk time. I know machines like this do exist in some parts of the world, but not at that price point, AFAIK.

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