How To: Laser-Cut Custom Boxes

Scott sent in his work on developing cheap laser cut enclosures for your next DIY project. I can attest to using the acetone techniques, but I really like the t-nut slots in clear acrylic. That is something I am going to try out in the future. [Thanks Scott]

Making decent enclosures is troublesome because it’s almost impossible to find just the right size box, and hacking out the holes for connectors usually takes a lot of time and looks sloppy at best. Designing your own laser-cut, acrylic box takes care of these issues and doesn’t even cost that much.

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6 thoughts on “How To: Laser-Cut Custom Boxes

  1. There is nothing cheap about laser-cutting anything. I mean, these designs are nice, but don’t describe it with the word “cheap”.

  2. laser cutters are very expensive, but renting time on one isn’t so bad. give it a few more years and they’ll be nearly ubiquitous.

    if you live near a techshop you can rent time on their cutter.

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