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NES DVD player mod

This maker decided to put an old $20 DVD player into the body of an NES in order to give his movie watching some gamer street cred. We especially like the explosed buttons on the circuit board glued to the top of this hack.


8 thoughts on “NES DVD player mod

  1. Was going to say the same thing, until I read the article:


    Hacked up the remote for the DVD player and put it inside of the NES controller and made the control panel internal (cut and mounted on the side now)
    Button usage on NES:
    Dpad – Navigation
    Start – Power
    Select – Eject
    A – Selection
    B – Main Main Menu
    added two small buttons as “bumpers” on the top Left and Right to skip chapters :)

    Hope he gets some pics of his revisions posted, but seeing as the post is from late Jan. with no further info, I doubt it.

  2. I didn’t realise anyone even saw this.. The only reason I knew it got linked is because my wordpress installation told me. Thanks guys this makes me feel good, even if its 2 years later.

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