Dorkbot Seattle recently played host the Catastrophic Cacophony Workshop:

Josh Kopel, former co-organizer of MakePhilly, brings the maker challenge to Seattle.

The theme is catastrophic cacophony and the challenge is to build the loudest, craziest, flashiest automated “musical” instrument ever.

You will have to be able to step back and let your creation play by itself, even if it destroys itself in the process. The most amazing instrument wins. Extra points if it sounds musical.

For this workshop, we’ll break up into teams of 6-8 people, and each team will be given a “kit” made up of basic tools and materials.

We’ll be supplying basic motors, battery packs, and switches. Bring your own “robot vomit” to make the building more interesting. (i.e. metal and plastic wheels,
gears and other parts, working electronics components, colorful shiny glowy things, and anything else you think might enhance your creation.) You never know what may get destroyed, so leave the expensive stuff at home.

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool