Solder Rings

If you find the intricacies of soldering a bit too tedious, you may find these tiny solder rings come in handy. Just slip one over your component lead and apply iron. You could also probably make these yourself before starting work on a board.- SchmartSolder

(If you enjoy the process of soldering as is – please disregard the above message)

12 thoughts on “Solder-rings

  1. $5 for 50? 10 cents is certainly not worth the convenience. Just get a spool of solder and make your own loops!

  2. And the person in the picture is doing a horrible soldering job and will get cold solder joints.

    You heat the joint, not the solder.

  3. A bit pricey, but neat idea.

    Make ’em yourself the same way jewelers make jump rings:

    1) Wind solder around a wire in a big long spiral.
    2) Take a jeweler’s saw and cut across the length of rings.

  4. Its an interesting concept but the size of them it would seem
    a bit more awkward to keep em in the right spot.

    I think ill stick with my spool ;P Good post though

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