New in the Maker Shed – USB7 6-digit LED display kit


An easy-to-use 6 digit display kit updated via your computer over serial/USB connection –

The USB7 expands most computers with a USB connected 6-digit seven-segment display. Supporting letters, numbers, and a range of punctuation, the USB7 benefits any project requiring highly visible information.
Using common a USB cable for both communication and power, the USB7 requires no special or bulky cables and with a simple virtual-serial port protocol, sending regular ASCII characters is all that’s required to control the USB7s full output capacity.
Based on the AVR-CDC project, the USB7 is supported by Windows XP, Windows 2000, OS X, and many Linux variants.

  • Simple to use
    • The USB interface provides all of the communications and power to the display.
    • Simple ASCII data over the virtual serial port controls all of the displays functions.
  • Easy to assemble
    • All through hole parts.
    • An easy kit contains all of the required parts, including a pre-programmed microcontroller.
    • Standard 0.56″ common-anode display format allows versatility in display selection.
    • Comes in standard green readout.

Useful for displaying email/IM notifications, time/date, weather/temperature, countdown timer, word-of-the-day notifier, spouse’s shoe size – any text which simply must-be-seen in glowing green! – USB7 6 Digit LED Display Kit