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DIY Lamborghini

Unfortunately there isn’t any information on the maker of this car, but the pictures are cool. If anyone knows more about this build, please post it in the comments and I will update the entry. If you can’t afford a Lambo, make it!

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Apparently the car, called the “Woodighini” was made by a 33 year old Canadian named “Woody”. You can read more about the project on the AutoBlog website. Also, there is a great interview that can be found on the Motor Foot Blog. A big Thank You goes to JohnW for sending in the links!

26 thoughts on “DIY Lamborghini

  1. its amazing work. he actually joined our car forum to talk about it. its was a cool oppurtunity to actually talk to him

  2. I recall back in the late eighties when I was working in an auto body shop in Streetsville (Mississauga) Ontario, there was a guy who built a Lambo using a Fiero chassis, and a very blown out 350 engine, body was made of fiberglass. It was the very cool looking. He eventually died of lung cancer from not using a mask while sanding and prepping the car for paint. Anyway nice car.

  3. Nice build on the “Lamborghinish” looking car. Kind of looks like he took some styling cues from the Reventon as well as from the Contach. Overall, I think the guy that built this did a great job. I guess his philosophy was if he could buy one, he might as well build one himself especially if he had the technical knowledge…and a lot of time on his hands.


    1. I personally like the Lamborghini Canto. Although, with the amount of work going into such a project, I would design something from scratch and not copy anything.

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