DIY: 8GB Solid State Raid

This is a nice instructable that uses (4) USB “Thumb Drives” and an old floppy disk enclosure to a make an external solid state hard drive. I know 8GB is not a lot of space, but it could hold some very useful and/or important information. I was able to find 1GB USB drives on Amazon for $2 and several different 8GB drives for $15.

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14 thoughts on “DIY: 8GB Solid State Raid

  1. I like the idea, but I don’t think I would trust “useful or important” information to a bunch of old flash drives running in RAID0.

  2. tiuk: Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

    a) you can use new flash drives instead of “old”
    b) WTF do you think SSDs are made of?
    c) These drives with non-moving parts will most likely outlast your hard drive


  3. For comparison, if you trusting important information to just a single traditional HDD, then you are making a mistake as well. As always with digital data, safety is in redundancy. The one caveat is that with SSD, its much more difficult to recover data if the device fails, whereas with modern HDD the failure point is normally the bearings, which can be replaced for a data recovery operation (though pro services of this kind are still not cheap).

  4. Why wouldn’t you use raid 5 with this. So you get 6 gig instead of 8, but you don’t lose your data if a drive fails. I think raid 0 is pure stupidity because it increases your chances of failure. One failed device and you lose all your data.

    If you use raid, make sure you remember what the “R” stands for.

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