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Rainwater Harvesting: Starter Projects, Austin Event

Rainwater harvesting’s kind of a no-brainer: when you start looking into it, capturing free water from the sky tends to creep onto your project list.


(Image from Austin Water)

Here are some Instructables to help you get started on basic systems:

Be sure to check for rebates from your town, on both barrels and larger systems.

And, for the really ambitious, check out:

And, if you’re near Austin and free this Saturday and want a crash course in rainwater harvesting, you may want to check out this class:

Rainwater Harvesting Seminar

Cost: $40
Saturday, August 30th – 10am to 2pm

Presented by renowned speaker and veteran rainwater systems expert Barry Wall, this class will teach students the fundamentals of rainwater collection techniques. Whether you are looking to install your own system or you are a contractor in need of expert advice, this class is for you.

Topics to be covered:

* Water Usage & Efficiency
* Components & Configuration
* Design & Sizing Considerations

Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Barry Wall
Mr. Barry Wall lives in Kerrville, Texas. He and his wife, Tamara, own Texas Rainwater systems. They have been installing, consulting, and educating about rainwater harvesting for over 20 years.

Registration and more info here.

Happy rain collecting!

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